Finca la Isla

farming organically

in the tropics 

Celebrating 30 years of farming organically on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica!

Practical Homesteading Course

November 3-5, 2019

Whether you’re brand new to farming or already have a permaculture project or abundant garden, this 3 day intensive will give you the tools and skills to rocket launch your homestead.

Garden to table cooking, natural body products, fermentation, plant medicine, and more!

Our Story

In 1987 our mission was to create a model of sustainable, commercial, organic farming working in harmony with the rainforest. Studying and practicing Natural Farming and Permaculture/agro-forestry principles, we have come a long way from those early plantings of tropical root crops.  

Tropical yams and then black pepper were the first products we were able to take to the farmers' market while we waited on our highly diversified orchard plantings to come into production.


Our mission remains the same, but with 30 years of experience under our belt, we now consider ourselves, above all else, soil farmers, working to enrich the good earth beneath our feet.


Finca la Isla works as a diversified system, integrating tree crops, a fruit tree and ornamental plant nursery, medicinals, fodder and livestock. 


We are founding members of our local Farmers' Market and prepare an abundance of produce from the farm for Saturday markets, not only fresh produce, but dried fruit blends, bean-to-bar chocolate, natural soaps, and whatever else inspires us!


Five years ago we began Talamanca Chocolate, making fine chocolate from our own cacao beans. In 2015 we began Chocolate is Medicine creating raw cacao chocolate bars with botanicals, fruits, nuts and medicinal ingredients. In keeping with our desire to live a natural, simple life, we also make soaps and personal care products.


Our teams loves to share our experience and wisdom through tours, classes, courses and workshops. Our weekly workshops include chocolate making, fermentation, and plant medicine. Workshops on natural body products, introduction to Permaculture, biochar, orchard management, grafting and propagation, and plant lore are available upon request.