Talamanca Chocolate

organic tree to bar chocolate, single origin Costa Rica
We hand harvest our cacao from our heirloom trees. Beans are fermented in small batches the traditional way: using banana leaves to introduce the perfect blend of microbes and yeasts. We ferment our beans for 6 to 8 days, and then dry in the morning and afternoon sun. 
We roast over an open flame, hand mill the roasted beans to break them into nibs then winnow by hand, separating the nibs from the chaff. Again we mill  to create cacao 'liqueur'. The liqueur is fed into one of our melanguers where it is conched with organic sugar and whole vanilla bean for 48 hours. Hand tempering and hand wrapping the bars completes the process. From tree to bar, only 5 people have been involved: it's truly a hand made, dedicated process!

Cacao is native to our area and has been used for millenia as both a food and

a medicine. To respect this we prefer to work with traditional, pre-Hispanic flavors.

Olmec Bar, 1st place: a 75% cacao bar flavored with rosita de cacao and

vanilla, both of which we grow.  Best Inclusion Bar in the 2013 Puerto Viejo

Chocolate Festival. 

70% Cacao Bars, 2nd and 3rd places in the Best 70% Bar in the 2014

Puerto Viejo Chocolate Festival.  This bar has only two ingredients: the cacao

we grow and organic cane surar.

Black Pepper Bar, 2nd place: a 75% cacao bar flavored with our deliciously fruity

black pepper and vanilla. Best Inclusion Bar in the 2014 Puerto Viejo Chocolate Festival.

Milk Chocolate Bar, 1st place: a 'dark' milk chocolate at 50% cacao. Best Milk Chocolate at the 2014 Puerto Viejo Chocolate Festival.