Garden Botanicals

Ancel began soapmaking many years ago as a way to simplify daily life. Deodorants, tooth cleansers and other natural, simple care products followed. Using natural products makes sense, and using botanicals and organic material from the farm makes even more sense. Simple! Contact us to book a workshop on how to create your own natural body products. 
soaps and natural care products
homesteading in the tropics

Soaps are made with local, organic coconut oil and natural essential oils and botanical ingredients. Look for fresh papaya, activated charcoal and coconut milk as ingredients. Lotions, oil serums, perfumes and masks are all created in small batches with the same attention to detail, eye for simplicity and nose for scent! 

medicinal tinctures
medicinal plants Costa Rica

Both our dedicated medicinal garden and our beautiful rainforest have an abundance of native medicinal plants (and a few introduced favorites). We make tinctures with organic alcohol and create blends and concoctions for the Farmers' Market. For a list of our medicinal garden plants please see here.

cranial sacral therapy
Cranial Sacral Therapy Costa Rica

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a very gentle, yet profound treatment for any age or ailment. A treatment takes about an hour and the effects can be felt for much longer. Wonderful for pregnant moms and for little ones, this is a healing way to connect with yourself, and in a stunning setting. Learn more.

organic farming in Costa Rica

The jungle can really produce some wonderful medicinals - great for helping ward off some of those less desirable jungle inhabitants!  Our repellents start with an organic tincture base and we add essential oils and spices to chase away and keep away biting insects. And if they do sneak in a bite, we have soothing creams to help.