nursery plants and seeds

We have a large variety of fruit and forest trees and vines in the nursery, plus many more ornamental plants for shade or sun or water gardens. We have a wonderful collection of bromeliads, many palms, agaves, rare exotics: everything from ground cover to canopy epiphytes. From a favorite fruit tree to a whole landscape or orchard planting, we can help.
ornamental plants

Color, form, texture, scent: what are you looking for in your garden? Perhaps a privacy screen of tropical flowering foliage, or a beautiful way to control erosion? Perhaps you want a statement piece for your location, or have a shady corner you'd like to fill with color. . . we have so many options for you.


Peter brings his many years of experience and love of plants and farming to consultation work. From initial laying out of orchards to ornamental landscaping, (Peter has a terrific eye for form and color), we can help with creating an efficient, productive and enjoyable farm or garden. Contact Peter.

fruit and forest trees

This is a wonderful place for tropical fruit: durian, sapotes, mangosteen, rambutan all thrive here. We have seedling and grafted trees available of all the most popular fruit and nut species, including some very rare or new to Costa Rica. Hardwood trees, nitrogen fixers, erosion control - we have trees!


From time to time we have seeds available for purchase. Seeds are always fresh and ususally shipped the same day they were harvested. Contact us with a specific request, and we may be able to help you!