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Chocolate and Chickens

For weeks now I've been thinking of creating a new blog. Something which feels relevant to my day to day. Something to record the small events and a-ha moments that keep me going. And yet the thought of casting aside this space to create something else doesn't work. I have already done that twice and as with so many other things, it points to a larger pattern in my life. I've been stuck with changing direction and clean breaks have usually worked for me in the past, but clean breaks can also lose their shine. So I'm sticking with this space and just changing focus within it.

We're 10 months on since my last blog post. Time flies. Home Farm is much the same, recovering after a huge tree fell on my veggie garden and decimated it. Things have resprouted, in general have recovered, and are benefitting and will continue to benefit from the huge mass of vegetative material that dropped to the ground in a big windstorm last October. I've added more spinach: Malabar and Pacific, plus increased the Brazilian. My nacedero has morphed into a more manageable form and my zorillo is recovering well from tree damage. The Haitian basket vine is really slow: it was covered in fallen braches and vines and is taking a long time to get going again. My mucuna has gone. The katuk and chaya have come back with lots of vigour. The extra light is being enjoyed by the macadamia, the jaboticaba, pitanga and acerola. And some pretty ornamentals which were unhappy in the shade. I've added some vines to the henhouse and the roof is slowly being covered by Garlic Vine, Dutchman's Pipe and Mexican Wedding Vine: hurrah for that! Lots of pretty flowers coming later, well the Dutchman's Vine is more spectacular than pretty, but nevertheless. I've also added some hibiscus: cranberry, sorrel and a goreous dark purple ornamental. I have pumpkin, sweet peppers, tomato and tobacco sprouting and will be planting them out bnext month when the rains are more sure. Oh and I finally have false peanut cropping up in various spots. I'm intrigued by the change in forage greens and grasses: deserves a post by itself.

As for chooks, I've added a henhouse to relieve pressure on the coop. This is just a sleeping and laying house, the doors are opened dawn 'til dusk. There have been several changes with the hens in the past 10 months, some have come and some have gone. One should never ever count chickens, whether hatched or not. At this moment Dali, Rosa and Sissy are the only inhabitants in the henhouse, but soon they will be joined by Ducky and Daphne, possibly Esmie and two young cockerels: Socrates and Sissy's boy. The quail are up to 46, but in 2 weeks there will be another cull as we wittle down the roosters. There's so much more to say, but I shall post this now before it gets too terribly long.

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