around the farm

fruit trees
organic farming in Costa Rica

We have a large and varied collection of tropical fruits - over 150 species at the last count. We are actively increasing and improving our collection all the time with selective grafting and propogation, always on the lookout for new and different fruits and varieties to try. For a list of the fruit trees we have in production please see here.

pepper and vanilla
organic farming in Costa Rica

Peter has been growing black pepper for over 25 years. It was one of the first commercial crops on the farm. Today we still sell to local restaurants who know Peter as Peter Pepper, so important is this spice to local cusine. We've been growing vanilla for 7 years now and use it in our chocolate. Both are important crops for the farm and grow beside each other, vines on living posts. Both require a lot of skill and knowledge to grow and process. And both are very worth the work!

biochar and microbes
fungi - a crucial component of the food forest

Biochar is the most commonly used amendment on the farm. An incredibly rich habitat for microbes, it becomes a source of nutrients for our plants. We make our own biochar from fallen limbs and tree clippings and then activate it with Efficient Micro-organisms. We also make our own lactobacillus serum and microbe and bacteria rich brews and teas to use around the farm. Peter gives workshops on biochar and workshops on ferments and plant teas are coming up.

chickens in tropical homesteads

A forest works in harmony and in balance, we try to do the same on the farm. Mulching, ground cover and composting are important aspects of our work. Our Black Soldier Fly bins do a great job of composting, and help feed the chickens. The frass becomes a rich soil ammendment for our nusery or vegetable beds. By replicating nature we can close the loop, making the farm more efficient, more sustainable.