Farm-to-table Fermentation

Sun,Tues,Thurs 10AM-12PM

 Join me for a 2 hour exploration into tropical fermentation where we will learn about how the microorganisms work their magic, its many health benefits, why fermentation is a critical part of any thriving food system, and most importantly-- how to ferment anything under the sun into something delicious!


 We will start by making all-natural probiotic sodas using a water kefir starter, followed by homemade fruit vinegars from locally available fruits such as cacao, bananas and pineapples, and end by transforming tropical foods like  jackfruit and banana flowers into salty and/or spicy kimchis. We will be able to incorporate fruits, herbs, vegetables, and spices from right here on the farm. 

Bean-to-bar Chocolate Making

Sunday/Monday/Wednesday/Friday 2PM - 5PM

The Puerto Viejo area has been growing cacao for over 400 years and now you can experience how chocolate is made by hand, as it has been for centuries, and as it is now. The smells, textures and tastes of the chocolate making process will give you a truly authentic appreciation for the most loved sweet in the world. We have been growing organic cacao on our farm for over three decades and have been producing our award-winning chocolate onsite. In this 3 hour experience, you’ll participate in all aspects of the production, from roasting to wrapping.

Introduction to Permaculture

Saturday 2-5 PM

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Are you interested in starting your own garden, compost system, or homestead? Or interested in learning more about how you can design everything from your balcony garden to your business using Permaculture principles? In this class, we will learn about the Permaculture ethics, design principles, the basics of organic gardening, and compost and nutrient cycling. It will include both a classroom portion and some hands-on activities in the garden.